Facials and Waxing

    Novalash Eyelash Extensions

  • Fills $65
  • Full Set$150


  • All facials are customized for your individual needs. Custom treatments include Tourmaline Radiance, Anti-Aging Green Science, Outer Peace for acne, deep pore cleansing or Enbrightenment for discoloration.
  • 30 Minute $45
  • 60 Minute $75
  • Enhanced Facial (Incl. Face & Back) $95
  • Resurfacing & Firming Facial $135
  • Pumice Peel or Green Science Peel $25

    Aveda Makeup

  • Application/Consultation$40+
  • Airbrush Makeup$75+

    Specialty Skin Care

  • All specialty services include a consultation.
  • Microblading Brows $400
  • Microneedling $250/Session
  • Lip Stamping$125/Session


  • Brow Arch $14
  • Lip  $12
  • Chin or Cheeks $12
  • Whole Face (Lip, Chin, & Cheeks) $34
  • Arms (Half)  $30+
  • Arms (Full) $45+
  • Under Arms $25+
  • Back $50+
  • Chest $50+
  • Legs (Half) $50
  • Legs (Full) $65
  • Bikini $50
  • Brazilian $75+

    Holistic Services

  • 30-Minute Ionized Body Detox (1) $30
  • 30-Minute Ionized Body Detox (10) $200
  • Ear Candling $25-35

facials and waxing room

Combine Hair Removal With Soothing Facials

When someone has too much facial hair, we recommend visiting our spa to enjoy a waxing procedure, performed by the aesthetician. When someone tries to remove hair from between the eyes, along the cheekbones or on the upper lip with a shaver, it can lead to skin irritation or small cuts. However, an aesthetician can remove the excess facial hair with warm wax, that softens the hair strands while it soothes the skin.

Save Time Each Day With Professional Hair Removal

Not only will the application of warm wax with the strips of cloth remove the excess visible hair, but also the roots of the hair, which decreases future hair growth. The waxing process will help to prevent new hair growth for four to six weeks, making it easier for our clients to look fantastic on a daily basis. Our clients will not need to spend time every day plucking or shaving excess facial hair with tweezers, a razor or shaver.

Enjoy a Cleansing and Moisturizing Facial At a Day Spa

In addition to hair removal at a spa, this is a good time to enjoy specialized facials that are designed to eliminate oily skin or to moisturize dry skin. After a client’s skin is waxed to remove excess hair, it is often sensitive, but one of our aestheticians can help a client to feel better. When a client has pimples or blackheads, an aesthetician can extract the infection to help the skin look better. Hair removal and a facial work nicely together, because the warm wax used for removing hair strands can clean, tone and moisturize the skin.

Having a Facial Keeps the Skin Looking Youthful and Healthy

A moist facial product remains slightly wet throughout the treatment, while a hard mask is made to dry on the client’s face. If a client doesn’t understand what type of facial to choose, then a consultation with the aesthetician is a good idea. When someone has regular facials, it keeps the face looking healthy and youthful.

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*In the event, you need to cancel an appointment, we ask you give us a 24 hour notice. If the service is booked and not cancelled, there will be a fee, in the amount of the service, charged to you. Thank you for your consideration*